Pig Farm

The Danish pig production is well known world wide for it's quality, breeding strategies, food safety, and animal welfare. With an annual production of approximately 28 million pigs we export our pork meat products to more than 140 countries.

Travel to Farm offers placements on several pig farms around the country. Most of our farms has an average size around 400-600 sows’. In general, Danish pig producers run a complete system with breeding sows, piglets, and slaughter pigs. However, some farms are divided and focuses on either sow and piglet production (>30 kg) or runs a pure slaughter pig production (<30 kg) to which, they complement each other and corporates in producing some of the best pork products in the world. Our placements offer you the opportunity to work with new technologies, and learn more about farm management strategies, and Danish culture.

A typical day on a Danish pig farm could include the general care and observation of the animals, taking care of piglets, smaller procedures, cleaning stables, medical treatment, and feeding the animals.

To retain the high quality and food safety we need to support the development of understanding medical care, good hygiene, and biosecurity on farm level. Therefore, Travel to Farm is working on improving safety and knowledge regarding the farm environment as we take part of the responsibility of our trainees stay.

If the Danish pig industry sounds like something for you; please check for partners within your country here. We look forward hearing from you.