Dairy Farm

Danish dairy farmers are amongst the largest and most modern in Europe, whereas Danish dairy products accounts for more than 20% of all Danish agricultural exports, processing around 5 billion kg milk on a yearly basis. An internship through Travel to Farm will give you the opportunity to get an insight into a Danish modern dairy management.

Travel to Farm offers placements on several dairy farms around the country, sized between 120-450 cows whereas almost all farms has a loose housing system. A typical day on a Danish dairy farm could include milking with machine, cleaning and feeding, reproduction e.g. heat detecting heifers and cows, and general care of the animals, including looking after calves. You should expect to work with smaller machines when feeding and handing out straw for the animals. Danish dairy farms often milk three times a day; This secures a high milk yield which, on average, reaches 9.600 kg milk/cow on a yearly basis to which you can help to obtain this high performance in the Danish dairy sector.
If the Danish dairy sector sounds like something for you; please check for partners within your country here. We look forward hearing from you.