Training in Denmark – The chance of a lifetime

Denmark has one of the most efficient farm sectors of the world. We specialize in various types of livestock productions such as pork, dairy, poultry, beef, and mink farming. Add to this, our mild, humid climate makes high crop yields possible too, in which various vegetable and plant productions are thriving, cultivation areas covering approximately 60% of the land. Increased demand and the international competition are constantly changing the agricultural business. Danish farms are therefore becoming fewer and larger with specialized productions. The Danish farmers own their own processing and sales companies, and Danish agricultural products are sold all over the world. This is possible due to the health status of our domestic animals being very high, which enables export of products to Japan, China, USA, among others. As a trainee on a Danish farm you will familiarize yourself with a modern agricultural sector, where you get the opportunity to improve your own practical skills , while learning about the Danish farm management and the technologies used in the everyday life of the production.

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Dairy farm Crop farm Vegetables and Plant Nursery Pig Farm


Travel to Farm is a non-profit organization specializing in agricultural exchange. We offer a “learning by doing” program on a Danish farm and thus you get the opportunity to get more practical experience with e.g. milking, feeding, cleaning, and tractor driving. When working “hands on” in the Danish agricultural sector you will learn more about new technologies and farm management within your field. As a Travel to Farm trainee you will be included in the everyday life on a farm matching your preferences as good as possible. This means that you will be included and participating in the daily tasks on the farm, helping the owner and receiving responsibility that matches your evolving farm skills. Travel to Farm offers you a 4-12 month training period on a Danish farm, which gives you the opportunity to gain valuable practical experience, complimenting your education in your home country.

Behind Travel to Farm are the main Danish agricultural organizations (The Danish Agricultural and Food Council, the Young Farmer's Club, the Danish Association of Agronomists, Danish Horticulture and the Association of Agricultural Colleges in Denmark).